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Julianne Nyhan

Dr Julianne Nyhan, Professor of Digital Humanities

Profile: Professor Julianne Nyhan


Director UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

Leadership board member UCL Centre for Critical Heritage Studies

Module Co-ordinator: INSTG008 Digital Resources in the Humanities; INSTG008 Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities; INSTG017 Internet Technologies

Julianne Nyhan

Research Interests

  • Digital Humanities including, but not limited to, the semantic markup, modeling and analysis of historical sources and lexicographical / linguistic material
  • The history of Digital Humanities especially in terms of researching non-cannonical histories and the role that participatory approaches can play in this. My particular interest is on uncovering 'hidden', overlooked or devalued contributions to the field's emergence and development
  • Oral history as practice and also including the dissemination and analysis of oral history sources using digital methods
  • Critical Heritage Studies especially its intersections with Digital Cultural Heritage
  • The history of Computing especially in the Humanities
  • Bibliometrics, Scientometrics along with more qualitative approaches to peer review and evaluation
  • Museum studies
  • The history of information and classification architectures, especially those used in dictionaries and object catalogues
  • The Sociology of Science and Sociology of knowledge

Research Projects

  • Principal Investigator, ESRC-funded Oceanic Exchanges: Tracing Global Information Networks in Historical Newspaper Repositories, 1840-1914 (OcEx) (2017-2019)
  • co-Investigator, Critical Heritage Studies and the Future of Europe (CHEurope), H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action: Innovative Training Networks (2016-2020)
  • co-Investigator, Leverhulme Trust-funded Enlightenment Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane's catalogues of his collections (2016-19)
  • Expert Advisor, NEH-funded Reconstructing the first Humanities Computing Centre (2017-19)
  • Principal Investigator, EADH-funded Fr Roberto Busa and his intellectual milieu: capturing, translating and publishing community reflections (completed)

Educational Background

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, University College Cork, Ireland, 2007.
  • PhD History, University College Cork, Ireland, 2006. Thesis title: The application of XML to the historical lexicography of old, middle and early-modern Irish: a lexicon-based analysis.
  • BA (Joint Hons), History and Greek and Roman Civilisation, University College Cork, Ireland, 2000.

Publications & CV


Under peer review. Julianne Nyhan. Uncovering 'hidden' contributions to the history of Digital Humanities: the Index Thomisticus' female keypunch operators

2016. Julianne Nyhan and Andrew Flinn. Computation and the Humanities:towards an oral history of Digital Humanities. Springer. (Open Access - PDF / ePUB here)

Edited books, special issues and primary sources

2019. Nyhan J. and Passarotti, M., Roberto Busa in his own words: one origin of Digital Humanities. Springer [e-book December 2019; hardcopy February 2020]

2017. Террас, М and Найхан, Д and Ванхут, Э and КИЖНЕР, И (Eds). (2017) Цифровые гуманитарные науки Хрестоматия / Digital humanities: in search of definitions. [Book]. Издательство Сибирского федерального университета / Siberian Federal University Press: Красноярск, Россия / Krasnoyarsk, Russia. [Russian edition of Defining Digital Humanities] (Open access - PDF)

2016. Guest Editor of a special issue on the topic 'Communicating Digital Humanities Across and Beyond the Disciplines' Digital Humanities Quarterly 10.3. (Open access)

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2012. Warwick, C., Terras, M., Nyhan, J. (eds). Digital Humanities in Practice. Facet. This book has been included in Seth van Hooland, Ruben Vreborgh, and Mike Ellis. The Facet Digital Heritage Collection. Edited by Ian Ruthven, G. G. Chowdhury, Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras, Julianne Nyhan, Janet Delve, David Anderson, and Samantha K. Hastings. Facet Publishing, 2015.


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Accepted. Sloan, K. and Nyhan, J. Enlightenment Architectures and the reconstruction of Sir Hans Sloane’s Cabinets of Miscellanies. Journal of the History of Collections.

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Book chapters, proceeding chapters and reports

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Conference and symposium papers

Accepted (to be presented August 2020). Flinn, A, Nyhan, J and K. Fife. Digging Where You Stand? Critical approaches to participatory and activist heritage work - Digital Digging: social movements and activist archiving in documenting injustice. ACHS 2020 FUTURES - Association of Critical Heritage Studies 5th Biennial Conference, UK

Accepted (to be presented July 2020). Beals M.H., Bell, E., Nyhan, J. and Hauswedell, T. "Exalting the Cult of Gentlemanly Amateurism": Improving Computational Analysis with Humanities Narrative-Building Methodologies (long presentation). Digital Humanities 2020. Ottawa, Canada.

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Collections: a Case Study of Sir Hans Sloane's Miscellanies Catalogue. Digital Humanities 2019. University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Plenary lectures and invited papers

January 2020. Nyhan, J. Where does the history of the Digital Humanities fit in the longer history of the Humanities? Reflections on the historiography of the ‘old’ in the work of Fr Roberto Busa S.J.  The Inevitable Turn: Challenges and Perspectives in Humanities Computing”, 15th-17th January 2020, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy [Keynote lecture]

December 2019. Nyhan, J.  Invited Lecture to New Horizons: Confronting the Digital Turn in the Humanities seminar series at the Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH), University of Luxembourg.

September 2019. Nyhan, J. Critical Reflections on Enlightenment Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane’s catalogues of his collections. Collecting and Collections: Digital lives and after lives. The Royal Society, UK. [Keynote lecture]

September 2019. Nyhan, J. Digital Scholarship and the role of the research library: International Collaboration in an Academic Context.  Provider, partner, pioneer: digital scholarship and the role of the research library: An international symposium. Research Libraries UK. British Library, UK

June 2019. Nyhan, J. Hidden contribution to the deep histories of digital humanities tools. University of South Florida Digital Humanities Symposium, USA

January 2019. IHR Digital History ethics panel presentation, Institute of Historical Research, London, UK

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2014. Nyhan, J. 'Digital Humanities, Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity' penal member. Pushing the boundaries: Early Career research and interdisciplinarity. British Academy event for Early Career researchers. Open University. UK

2014. Nyhan, J. The application of facial analysis techniques to the research of ancient seals: some preliminary considerations. 'Digitization in the Round' workshop. Ashmolean Museum / Wolfson College, University of Oxford. UK

2014. Nyhan, J. Uncovering the socio-cultural contexts of the emergence of Digital Humanities and their enduring significance. Conference on cultural heritage research and innovation. Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Germany

2014. Nyhan, J. Fr Roberto Busa: founder of Digital Humanities? University of Trier Digital Humanities seminar.Germany

2014. Nyhan, J. Digital Humanities: an introduction. DARIAH-GR opening workshop. Academy of Athens.  Greece

2014. Nyhan, J. On the Digital Humanities and the necessity of thinking historically. Opening event Forschungsverbund MWW, Berlin. Germany

2014. Memory, narrative and disciplinary identity: an investigation. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. Italy

2014. Nyhan, J. Analyse, sort, classify and mark up: text encoding and its debt to historical dictionaries and word lists. Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, University of Oxford. UK

2014. Nyhan, J. Arts and Humanities research data: a few idiosyncrasies. DigitalHSS Lunchtime Seminar: Managing Humanities Research Data. University of Edinburgh. UK 

2013. Nyhan, J. What can modern-day Digital Humanities learn from studying its past? Some recommendations and suggestions. CIDE.16: Dispositifs numériques : contenus, interactivité et visualisation. France (Keynote)

2013. Julianne Nyhan, Through memories and times: reflections on reflecting on the histories of computing in the Humanities. Humanities Unbound, University of Lausanne. Switzerland. (Keynote) 

2013. Julianne Nyhan. A researcher's view on Arts and Humanities data management/sharing (with a focus on infrastructure needs and wants) RDMF10: Research data management in the Arts and Humanities: St Anne's College, Oxford. UK

2013. Julianne Nyhan, Text, Image and Sound: where we are and where we are not in Digital Humanities. Future Digital Conference. Open University. UK. (Keynote)   

2012. Research Infrastructures in the Digital Humanities [round table discussion and presentation]. Leipzig University, European Summer School of Culture and Technology evening lecture. Germany

2012. Digital Humanities: histories or memories and what in between?. Leipzig University, European Summer School of Culture and Technology. Germany

2012. Contributions towards a history of computing in the Humanities. University College Cork, School of Historical Sciences Seminar Series. Rep. of Ireland.

2012. What is oral history and what role can it play in the history of Digital Humanities? Universitatet Trier, Digital Humanities Seminar Series. Germany.

2011. Nyhan, J., & Welsh, A. Hidden Histories: Computing and the Humanities c.1949-1980. In London Seminar in Digital Text and Scholarship. School of Advanced Studies, Institute of English Studies, University of London. UK

2009. Teaching and Learning TEI: an introduction to TEI-EJ, TEI Praxis Symposium, Cologne Centre for e-Humanities, Germany.

2009. [with Oliver Schmidt]. TextGrid tools and concepts: present and future, Tools for Collaborative Scholarly Editing over the Web, University of Birmingham, UK

2008. The advantages and disadvantages of the application of XML to medieval inflected languages: a case study of electronic resources for medieval Irish, Lesser Used Languages and Computer Linguistics (LULCL) II, European Academy, Bolzano. South Tyrol, northern Italy.

2008. Encoding Old Irish glossaries with TEI P5, Old Irish Glossary Symposium, Cambridge University. UK

2008. This history, context and organisation of the European Reference Index for the Humanities, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), Dakar, Senegal.

2007. Electronic lexicography: medieval and modern, Trinity College Dublin, Seminar in Medieval History. Rep. of Ireland

Guest presentations 

2012. Oral Histories live. AHRC Digital Transformations Moot. November 2012. 

2012. An introduction to TEI. ThatCamp Luxembourg. 

2010. All the world exists to end up in a dictionary, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities Painless introduction to Digital Humanities series. 

2010. Nyhan, J., & Ciula, A. DARIAH community engagement mechanisms: possible models. In DARIAH Funders round table meeting. Paris: France

2009. An introduction to TextGrid, NEH funded TILE symposium, MITH, University of Maryland

2007. Historical dictionaries versus Literary works?, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Conference and symposium organisation

2018. Co-convenor of Early Modern Collection Catalogues: Open Questions, Digital Approaches, Future Directions. British Museum. Funded by the British Museum Research fund.

2011. Co-organiser of the 6th Interedition Development Bootcamp at the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt 28th Feb - 4th March.  


External teaching

2015. Workshop: digital tools for researchers in the Humanities. Queen Mary University of London.

2011. Text Encoding Seminar. Digital Methods and Tools for Historical research Departamento de História da FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. November 2011. http://digital-methods-and-tools-for-history.blogspot.com/

2011. An introduction to Digital Humanities. Libraries and Publishing in the Information Society MA module. City University

2010. [with Dot Porter]  Digital History and Culture: methods, sources and future looks' at the European Summer School of Culture and Technology. Universitaet Leipzig.

Electronic resources

Submitted. An enhanced, TEI-encoded edition of Patrick S. Dinneen's Foclóir Gaedhilge agus Béarla [An Irish-English Dictionary], Irish Text Society: Dublin. 1936 to be published on the CELT website

2007. A prototype electronic lexicon of Medieval Irish: contribution I, based on a re-edited subset of Marstrander, C. J. S., et al. (ed), Dictionary of the Irish language based mainly on Old and Middle Irish materials (compact edition). Dublin: 1988.

Numerous TEI-encoded editions of Irish, English and Latin texts of Irish literature, politics and history on the CELT website. See individual TEI headers on the published page.

2006. Griffin, Carrie and Julianne Nyhan, 'Transcending Textual Borders? Digitising a Middle English Lunary from British Library Egerton MS 827, and a brief introduction to XML mark-up in the Humanities'. In Proceedings of Borderlines Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference 2003, ed. Julianne Nyhan, Carrie Griffin and Kenneth Rooney. Electronic Publishing Unit: University College Cork.(ISBN 978-0-9552229-8-6).


2006. Nyhan, Julianne, Carrie Griffin and Kenneth Rooney (eds), Proceedings of Borderlines Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference 2003. Electronic Publishing Unit: University College Cork.  (ISBN 978-0-9552229-8-6).

Other Scholarly activity and service

2018. Turing Data Science and Digital Humanities group member. The Alan Turing Institute

2018. Programme Committee, Corpus-based Research in the Humanities" (CRH-2). Austria.

2018. Programme Committee, EuropeanaTech Conference 2018. Netherlands.

2018. Corresponding member of advisory board. Workshop on behalf of the Software Sustainability Institute. Oxford e-Research Centre and the Centre for Digital Scholarship in the Bodleian Libraries.

2016-19. Affiliate, Department of Prints and Drawings, British Museum

2015. Peer reviewer, New Media and Society journal.

2015. Peer reviewer, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

2015. Peer reviewer, Ubiquity press.

2015 - Peer reviewer, Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen raum.

2015. Peer reviewer, Routledge.

2014-17. External Examiner, BA in Digital Humanities and Information Technology, University College Cork, Ireland. 

2015. Advisory Board Member, Ivar Arosenius digital project, Gothenberg University, Sweden

2015. Advisory Board Member, Belgrade Centre for Digital Humanities, Faculty of Media and Communication, Singidunum University.

2015. Peer reviewer, INTERACT conference 2015

2015.   Expert External Evaluator, appointment panel, University Goettingen  

2014.   Expert External Evaluator, Union der deutschen Akademien der Wissenschaften e.V

2014 -  Peer Reviewer, Estonian Research Council

2014 -  Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Open Humanities Data 

2014 -  Member of the Bibliometrics Working Group of the UCL Library Committee

2014 -  Peer Reviewer, COST EU

2014 -  Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) supervisor.

2015 -  Internal PhD examiner, Department of Information Studies, UCL

2014 -  Internal PhD examiner, Department of Information Studies, UCL

2011-2015  Peer Review College Member, Arts and Humanities Research Council 

2012 -  Communications editor,  Interdisciplinary Science reviews. Maney Press.

2012 -  Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Data Mining & Digital Humanities 

2012-13  Member of Review Board, Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Scholarship 

2011 -  University College Cork QS Academic Peer List member

2011 - 2012 Member of Expert Advisory Panel to UCL the UCL 'Montefiore Testimonials Digitization  project: digitising, transcribing, translating the Montefiore testimonials' project

2011-12 Member of the ESF Working Group on Digital Infrastructures in the Humanities  http://www.esf.org/research-areas/humanities/strategic-activities/resear...

2010-2011 Member of Expert Advisory Panel to the LSE 'Webbs on the Web' project

2011- European liaison manager, UCLDH

2011 External Assessor on the Selection Committee for the post of  Research Officer, College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, UCC, Ireland 

2007- Peer reviewer, Digital Humanities Quarterly, http://www.digitalhumanities.org/

2012- Peer reviewer, Literary and Linguistic Computing 

2013- Peer reviewer, The Computer Journal 

2010- Peer reviewer, Digital Humanities conference 

2013. Peer Reviewer: iConference 2013, Fort Worth, Texas. 

2012. Peer Review: iConference 2012, Toronto.  

2009-2011. Elected Member of the TEI Council http://www.tei-c.org/

2008 - 2012 Book Reviews editor, Interdisciplinary Science reviews. Maney Press.


2018. Data Science and Digital Cultural Heritage: facilitating new connections between the disciplines and professions that can transform the Global Data Context. UCL Grand Challenges Dynamics of Globalisation. £2250.

2017. British Museum Research Fund. £7,500 for the Enlightenment Architectures workshop and symposium.

2013. Fr Roberto Busa and his intellectual milieu: capturing, translating and publishing community reflections. European Association for Digital Humanities (1732.75 euro) 

2012. University of Trier's Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Forschungszentrum (HKFZ) for publications related to the history of computing in the Humanities (c.1949-1980) project (5000 euro)

2011. (with Anne Welsh)  University of Trier's Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Forschungszentrum (HKFZ) for a pilot study of the history of computing in the Humanities (c.1949-1980). (5000 euro)


2014. Member of A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) project team  (2009-2012) who won the 2014 CSDH/SCHN Outstanding Contribution Award.

Public Engagement and Media

2018. (Interview) Hypertext und Soutane. Der Jesuitenpater Roberto Busa als Vordenker des WWW. Austrian Public Radio, Radio Österreich 1

2015. (Interview) Julianne Nyhan wanted to reveal the history of Digital Humanities. University of Gothenberg news interview. March 12, 2015.

2014. (Interview) Julianne Nyhan on "Books as Data" Hybrid publishing lab: researching new forms of scholarly communication in the digital age. 

2014. [with Oliver Duke-Williams] Is Digital Humanities a collaborative discipline? Joint-authorship publications patterns clash with defining narrative.  LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog, 10th September 2014. http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2014/09/10/joint-authorshi...

2014. Public engagement session on Francis Galton's 'Pricker Gloves' at "The Thing is", Universities Week, Natural History Museum, London

2013. Quoted in "Hacking and Yacking About the Digital Humanities" The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 3 2013 by William Pannapacker


Research students

Primary Supervisor to:

Paolo Casani, Information technology and the transformation of perception: the experience of the self in digitally-mediated environments

Marco Hubmel, OpenGLAM in independent heritage organisations

Deborah Leem, Technical approaches to the information architectures of Hans Sloane.

Olga Loboda, The transformation of user experience with recommender systems in the museum environment

Ananda Rutherford, Critical approaches to museum documentation and the effect of digitisation on object records in two UK heritage collections, The Geffrye Museum of the Home and the Galton Collection, UCL.


Secondary Supervisor to:

Moneerah Almeshari (primary supervisor John Dowell, UCL Computer Science), Adaptive Visitor Guides and Cultural Heritage.

Kirstie Fyfe, Challenging Voices: Documenting, Collecting and Archiving UK-Based DIY Music Subcultures

Jin Gao, Mapping the Digital Humanities Community

Ashleigh-Louise Hudson, A New Authority? Exploring Self-Regulating User-Generated Oral History in the Digital Age

Bethany Johnstone, Accessibility of Dance archive

Hannah Smyth, The intersections of digital archives and cultural heritage in the Decade of Centenaries project in Ireland and their role in the mediation, construction and articulation of Irish identities, with a focus on female identity.



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