Information Studies


Nenna Orie Chuku

MPhil/ PhD Student

Department of Information Studies, University College London

Provisional Thesis Title

Circular Migration in the African Diaspora: Understanding Information Usages and Needs in Return Migration

Research Summary

Through oral histories, participatory mapping, and visualisations, my research explores return migration in the African diaspora. By working with the Sierra Leonean diaspora in the U.K, my research seeks to understand the information resources, information systems and information environments developed and used within the community. My (current) guiding question is: How do the information experiences of return migration in the African diaspora, challenge the conceptual framework and deployment of Eurocentric information systems used to understand human movement?

This study addresses the themes of immigration surveillance, nationality and citizenship, homing and nostalgia, development agendas, administrative data collection and colonialism.

Research Interests

return migration, circular migration, information environments, African diaspora, information systems, postcolonialism, colonialism, population longitude studies, Spatial Humanities, information behaviour, Sierra Leone Studies, West Africa Studies

Wider Research Interests

Black British Studies, Digital Humanities, Critical Race Theory (CRT), data visualisation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), African studies


Dr Oliver Duke-Williams (Department of Information Studies, UCL)

Professor Annemaree Lloyd (Department of Information Studies, UCL)

Dr Ben Page (UCL Department of Geography)

Academic Background

MSc in Digital Humanities, UCL

MA in Arts Policy and Management, Birkbeck, University of London

BA (Hons) in Combined Arts in History of Art and History, University of Leicester

Public Engagement

Salone Abroad

  • Creating & Finding Voices: The Role of Oral History and Community-Led Archives in the African Diaspora (funded by UCL Culture)

Diaspora & I Talk Series


African Diaspora Research Methods Network

Migration Research Unit (MRU)

Contact Details

Email: nenna.chuku.17@ucl.ac.uk

Twitter: @NennaOC