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Jin Gao

Jin Gao

I am a Lecturer (Teaching) in Digital Humanities at the UCL Department of Information Studies and the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. For the 2021/2022 term, I teach the Digital Humanities modules Digital Resources in the Humanities (INST0013) and XML (INST0032). I am also working as a personal tutor and a postgraduate dissertation supervisor.

I have obtained my PhD degree at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, and my research focused on discovering the intellectual and social structures of the Digital Humanities communities. My PhD was funded by UCL ORS (Overseas Research Scholarships) and my research interests lie primarily in the history and diversity of the Digital Humanities communities, and social network analysis. Previously, I was awarded an MSc in Digital Humanities with Distinction by UCL in 2014, and my dissertation won the first Stephen Robertson Prize for the best dissertation.

During my PhD, I worked as a research assistant and a teaching assistant. I took part in various research projects, e.g., the Connected Curriculum project to develop diversified reading lists, and the website design and construction for projects Black Legend and Bridge to China. As a teaching assistant, I helped with different postgraduate modules, e.g., Internet TechnologyXMLDigitisationDigital Resources in the HumanitiesServer Programming, and Electronic Publishing.

In addition, I am a Data Standard Editor & Project Coordinator at The Victoria and Albert Museum, working on the Chinese Iconography Thesaurus (CIT) project, which presents a unique opportunity to create an alternative classification scheme rooted in the specificity of Chinese visual culture and foster systematic comparison between Chinese and European art. I am also a communication editor for the journal Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, and a language editor for the journal Open Information Science.

Contact details:

Office: Room 119, Foster Court

Email: jin.gao@ucl.ac.uk

Twitter: @Gaojin_

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jin-gao/

Office hours:

I am able to see students without appointment during term times:

Wednesdays 15:00 – 17:00

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