Information Studies


An international, critical and pluralist perspective

ICARUS researchers are currently involved in one of the largest international research initiatives ever undertaken in the archives and records management field, InterPARES Trust. We support and participate in many international initiatives such as the Archival Education and Research Initiative, the Network of Archival Educators and Trainers and the International Council on Archives. We have particularly close ties with Mid-Sweden University and Simmons College, Boston, USA, which have resulted in a number of experiments with extending opportunities for international exchange and collaboration to the students enrolled on our taught programmes.

ICARUS researchers are committed to critical reflection that sometimes challenges, but always drives forward, the prevailing discourse and practice of recordkeeping. For example, ICARUS has undertaken a number of research projects in the areas of community archiving and participatory approaches, including Community Archives and Identities (2007-2009) and Dig Where we Stand. We are currently partners in developing an archival theme within the University of Gothenburg's Centre for Critical Heritage Studies.

ICARUS researchers embrace the principles of archival pluralism as set out by Michelle Caswell; 'energetic engagement, understanding, strengthened commitment, and dialog'. Starting with our own differences of perspective, we actively seek to work with diversity and incommensurability, both in practice (e.g. through attempts to take a more participatory approach to our research activity) and in theory (e.g. by constantly applying the critical reflection discussed above to our own thinking and perspectives).