Information Studies


INST0035 Individual Approved Study for Digital Humanities students

This is an optional module for students taking the MA/MSc in Digital Humanities programme.

This module allows students (especially part-time students who wish to relate their work to practical external projects) to undertake individual study and/or research in specific areas not otherwise covered by standard components of their programme, and/or to explore in greater detail some of the topics which are introduced in more general terms in other preceding modules; to encourage methods of research, investigation and presentation which will be developed in the final dissertation. Note that although work for this module may prepare the groundwork for your intended dissertation, it may not overlap with it.

Since each student taking this module is undertaking unique work, the specific educational aims and objectives of this module (and all other parameters required) must be agreed, documented and approved by the Programme Director and potential Supervisor before any student's registration for the module may be accepted.

This module requires the same amount of work hours as any other 15 credit module (i.e. 15 credits equates to an assumed 150 hours of study/research/preparation/writing)

Learning outcomes: Dependent on subject.

Assessment: Assessment is by coursework only (normally an essay of 3,500 to 5,000 words with the length to be agreed with the Supervisor and Programme Director). The presentation of the coursework must be in accordance with the departmental and College guidelines with regards to formatting, citation, and bibliography.

Compulsory for: None.

Optional for: MA/MSc Digital Humanities.

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module, although the formal approval of the Programme Director is required before any student can be registered for this module.

Taught by: Dependent on subject. The usual format is for one initial meeting between the student and Supervisor to set the timetable and agree a plan. This should then be followed by two further supervisory meetings later in the term to review the progress of the student.

Deadlines: as this module either follows up on topics from taught modules or acts as preparation for the dissertation it is generally only available in Term 2. To be registered for this module the proposal must be agreed with the Programme Director and potential Supervisor by the end of the first week of Term 2. To allow for this research proposals must be submitted to the Programme Director by the last day of Term 1. For guidance on what is expected in a research proposal see the DH Dissertation Page. The coursework submission date will be agreed with the Supervisor at the first meeting.