Information Studies


INST0003: Information Systems

This module provides an introduction to information systems for 1st year students on the BSc Information Management for Business degree. Students from other years taking this module as an ancillary option will be accepted, as appropriate.

Information systems are an integral part of any modern organisation and, increasingly, computer systems are used to support every aspect of an organisation's functions and activities. Whilst innovative use of technologies can provide significant benefits, information systems will only deliver value where they are deployed to meet the goals of the organisation. The emphasis of the module is on methods for analysing, specifying and designing information systems within a framework which takes a holistic approach to the introduction of change and in which user requirements are considered fundamental.

The aims of this course are to:

  • Develop an understanding of information systems as a multidisciplinary area
  • Explore how emerging technologies can be used in information systems
  • Show how business information systems support different areas of an organisation
  • Use methods for analysing, specifying and designing information systems
  • Develop computational, critical and abstract thinking

Learning outcomes: Students will understand the notion of abstraction and other methods for understanding and representing aspects of existing and proposed systems. Students will know how to apply methods and construct models relevant to the development of information systems.
Method of Assessment: Assessment by coursework (40%) and practical examination (60%)
Compulsory for: BSc Information Management for Business
Optional for: BSc Information Management for Business
Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module

Taught by: Daniela Romano

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