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Hilda Kean

Hilda Keane

Dr Hilda Kean FRHistS has published widely as a public and cultural historian. She has been a visiting professor of history at the University of Greenwich and was formerly Dean of Ruskin College, Oxford. Her many books include Animal Rights. Social and Political Change in Britain since 1800, London Stories. Personal Lives, Public Histories, People and their Pasts (ed with Paul Ashton) and The Public History Reader (ed with Paul Martin). Her recent book is The Great Cat and Dog Massacre (UCP 2017 / 8)  and she has edited with Philip Howell The Routledge Companion to Animal-Human History (2018).

In addition to her many books her latest articles include: Finding a Man and a horse in the archive?  ed  Andre Krebber and Mieke Roscher,  Animal Biography, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, pp.41-55; Where is Public History Today ? in A Companion to Public History ed David Dean for Wiley - Blackwell, 2018  pp.33-44; The dogs that didn’t bark in the Blitz: transpecies and transpersonal emotional geographies on the British home front (with Philip Howell), Journal of Historical Geography 61,2018, pp. 44-52; Animal – human histories in ed Lucy Noakes, Rohan McWilliam and  Sasha Handley, New Directions in Social and Cultural History, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018 ,pp. 173 -89; Public history and the social construction of knowledge in eds, James Gardner and Paula Hamilton The Oxford Handbook of Public History, OUP, 2017, p.403 -422.

With others she runs the Public History Discussion Group that meets at UCL. More details on her website: http://hildakean.com