Information Studies


Electronic Publishing


The following is the schedule for the last academic year and will be subject to change as several of the sessions are reliant on external guest speakers. It is added here to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Session 1: More than just the web: broadening definitions of Electronic Publishing
  • Session 2: (so-called) Web 2.0-3.0 and the Semantic Web
  • Session 3: E-Books, e-paper, e-reading
  • Session 4: The shift to open access publishing
  • Session 5: Digitisation, preservation, and scholarly collections

Reading Week

  • Session 6: Metadata, sustainability and re-use
  • Session 7: Case study and field trip to the Wellcome Collection
  • Session 8: Usability and User Centred Design
  • Session 9: What happens to web content? Moving from an idea to an online scholarly resource
  • Session 10: Open Access, Open Science and Open Data
  • Student presentations

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