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Denise Almeida

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I am a senior privacy professional, currently working on user rights management and data protection at New Vector/Matrix.org. My main research interests are centred on privacy, change, ethics and AI, and algorithmic accountability, particularly around how these areas interact with different social, demographic and contextual factors. I started my part-time PhD with UCL in September 2018, in the Department of Information Studies.

In 2012 I received a BA in History, by the University of the Azores, and in 2013 completed a PGDip in Atlantic and Islander History, with the same university. From 2010 to 2014 I was associated with the CHAM (Centre for the Humanities) and the Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation, where I participated in various research projects, including the STARACO project, in partnership with the University of Nantes.

In 2015 I moved to the UK, where I initially worked in the charity sector as a data officer and records manager, eventually moving to the utilities sector as a data quality and information manager. Before joining Matrix in May 2020, I was a senior data protection officer for a multinational digital transformation and technology group, having joined in early 2018, a few months before the GDPR enforcement date.

Research aim

My professional experience allowed me to engage with different industries and professionals, which led to an initial understanding of how different organisational cultures can influence information cultures. It became apparent that, when implementing new processes, their acceptance and widespread adoption, or rejection, varied not only from sector to sector, but also within organisations in the same industry. This led me to consider what might cause these differences? Do people change their behaviours for personal reasons, or due to their environment and organisational culture? Or both? My research attempts to answer these questions, through the exploration of how international workforces at all levels manage change imposed by external factors and if demographic and geographical variables also have any influence on how they handle, and process change.

Provisional thesis title:

Exploring Information Culture - a study of change and of tech workers’ attitudes and behaviours towards personal data management


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