Information Studies


Congratulations to LIS Award winners for 2018/19

We are delighted to announce that the Sir John MacAlister medal, which is given to the most distinguished candidate in the MA in Library and Information Studies, has been awarded to Chris Fripp. Chris wrote a dissertation that is entitled,  “Judging books by their covers:  The collection management and descriptive cataloguing of publishers’ cloth bindings, 1820-1870”.

The Cowley Prizes, which are given to two distinguished candidates for the MA Degree in Library and Information Studies, have been awarded to Simon Cloudesley and Rachael Seculer-Faber. Simon write a dissertation entitled “How is information literacy understood and enacted from the perspective of UK citizenship in 2019” while Rachael wrote on “Bookbinding structures of the Minasian Collection manuscripts.”

The Mary Piggott prize, which is given to the student on the MA or Postgraduate Diploma in LIS who achieves the highest total mark for Cataloguing and Classification, has been awarded to Chris Fripp.

Congratulations to Chris, Simon and Rachael, as well as all of our other hard-working and talented students!

Dr Alison Hicks. Lecturer and Acting Programme Director: Library and Information Science


LIS award winners 2018-19