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Call for a Research Assistant/ Research Associate: “Understanding Online Misogyny”

This AHRC funded project aims to transform awareness and understanding of online misogyny and the contexts in which young men are indoctrinated into extreme views regarding violence against women. Through interviewing members of the community, working with members of the criminal justice system and analysis of tiktok recommender systems, the project will: 

- Understand the context and circumstances that contribute to indoctrination to online misogynist ideologies, particularly the contribution of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), neurodiversity and mental health. 

- Explore the role of online creative practices in online misogyny to understand the processes of how misogynistic rhetoric and language is becoming embedded within more mainstream cultures. 

- Develop and evaluate specialist training and resources (using arts-based methods) for use by professionals working in education and the criminal justice system for the purposes of prevention, interception, and intervention. 

- Establish a preventative programme using the resources developed. 

This project will put UCL at the forefront of research in this area preventing online violence against women. For individuals and the wider public, it will develop training and resources to be used in identifying and working with individuals engaging in online misogyny and will establish a preventative programme and communicate new knowledge to enhance public awareness and understanding the risks to becoming radicalised online.

The project is seeking an enthusiastic research assistant to join the team who has some understanding of recommender systems - specifically on tiktok - to help understand how boys and young men become indoctrinated into these ideologies. Candidates should have some experience working on machine learning, and more importantly, have an interest in looking into how recommendation systems influence youth cultures. This successful candidate will become a key member of this research team. They will help design the methodology of this component of the project and lead on the online data collection and analysis.

This is a two-year project, and a researcher will be hired for up to 3 days a week depending on skill set and availability.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact: d.kraniotis@ucl.ac.uk