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Be part of our Centenary Celebration video!

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The Department of Information Studies will be producing a video featuring former students talking about their experience at UCL and DIS and their professional views. If you would like to participate and be part of our Centenary Celebrations, you can send us a selfie video responding to the following questions:

Your name, when did you study at DIS and what’s your role now.

Can you share one experience from UCL / Information Studies?

How the Department equipped you for your future professional career – what was the most important thing you learnt?

What is your aspiration for the impact of your profession in society?

Shooting instructions: Participants could read the questions out loud before answering and send an unedited version of the clip as it is, with any expression that the questions might create. This could provide the Department with additional material that can be useful for the editing. Participants could also film in a specific place (for example, your office, home desk or anything else, as this could help the video as the transparent scenography of the clip). One video should be produced, including all questions and short answers and the video should not be exceeding the duration of 1 minute.

Technical requirements:

-horizontal videos (on mobile phones)

-person to be centred in the middle of the screen 

- not to have any perspective of the space

- do not include brands on the shot (for example a branded coffee or a drink)

- at least HD (1920x1080px) resolution (every device meets these criteria)

If you are interested in being featured, please email Dimitrios Kraniotis at d.kraniotis@ucl.ac.uk to discuss about the project in more details and cover any data protection and consent issues, technical requirements and instructions. Deadline to send your video is Sunday, the 27th of June.

This video, when complete, will be featured at Departmental and UCL social media and the website, added to the Centenary Website and will be part of our Centenary celebrations, therefore we would be honoured if some of you would be interested to be part of it.