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Anna Sexton

I am a lecturer on the MA in Archives & Records Management teaching on INST041 Concepts & Contexts and INST022 The Record-Keeping Professional.

I have held several practice-based roles in the recordkeeping field most recently as Head of Research at The National Archives (TNA) where  I shaped the research priorities and drove the research agenda under TNA’s role as an Independent Research Organisation. My research experience includes developing participatory and community focused approaches to archives and records; documenting lived experience of mental health from a survivor perspective; using recordkeeping perspectives to examine the secondary re-use of government administrative data; examining the intersection between open data initiatives and the protection of personal information;  and exploring the technical integration of XML encoding standards to develop platforms for users to view archives. I have a varied portfolio of public engagement projects including pilot work, funded by UCL’s policy unit, to bring together care experienced members of the public with social workers and information professionals to co-develop a recordkeeping framework for social care records. This work followed through into the MIRRA research project. My current research interests include participatory and trauma informed approaches to archives and recordkeeping. My interests also extend into data equity and ethics, particularly in relation to personal health data.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Flinn, A. & Sexton, A. (forthcoming) ‘Activist participatory communities in archival contexts: Theoretical Perspectives’. In E. Benoit III & A. Eveleigh (Eds.). Participatory Archives: theory and practice. London: Facet Publishing.

Sexton, A. (2019). ‘Anti-Institutional Mental Health Archives: Tensions, Challenges and Reward. In S. Popple, A. Prescott & D. Mutibuwa (Eds.). Communities, Archives and New Collaborative Practices. Bristol: Bristol University Press.

Flinn, A. & Sexton, A. (2018). 'Research on community heritage: Moving from collaborative research to participatory and co-designed research practice' in S. Watson, A. J Barnes & K. Bunning (Eds.). A Museum Studies Approach to Heritage, Leicester: Leicester Readers in Museum Studies.

Sexton, A. & Sen, D. (2016). 'More Voice, Less Ventriloquism'. In J. Russo & A. Sweeney (Eds.). Searching for a rose garden: challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies. London: PCCS Books.

Conference Proceedings

Sexton, A., Yeo, G., Turner, C. & Hockey, S. (2003). 'TEI, EAD and Integrated User Access to Archives: towards a generic toolset', in J. Anderson, A. Dunning & M. Fraser (Eds.). DRH 2001 and 2002: Selected papers from the Digital Resources in the Humanities Conferences. 243-262.

Research Experience

2017: Principal Investigator. Engaging with Care Leavers Rights in the Development of Public & Voluntary Sector Recordkeeping Protocols (with Elizabeth Shepherd). Funded through UCL's Public Policy Unit.

2016-2017: Research Associate. Research Access to Government Administrative Data (PI: Elizabeth Shepherd, DIS, UCL). ESRC Funded.

2016. Researcher. Exploring data protection and privacy regulations in the UK and EU in relation to access to medical records and patient data in the context of open government data and access to public sector information initiatives. InterPARES Project.

2013: Early Career Researcher, Dig Where We Stand: A multi-disciplinary project supporting community groups across London in receipt of HLF 'All Our Stories' funding. (PI: Andrew Flinn, DIS, UCL). AHRC Funded.

2011-2015: PhD Research Student, Archival activism and mental health: being participatory, sharing control and building legitimacy. AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award in partnership with the Wellcome Library.

2001-2004, Research Assistant, LEADERS Project (Linking EAD to Electronically Retrievable Resources) (PI: Susan Hockey, DIS, UCL). ESRC Funded.

Contact details:

Email: a.sexton.11@ucl.ac.uk
Office: G43, Foster Court

Telephone: 020 7679 2481 (UCL extension: 32481)

Twitter: @annasexton100