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Adam Crymble

Adam Crymble

I am a lecturer of Digital Humanities in the Department of Information Studies at UCL. I teach on the MA/MSc Digital Humanities programme.

My research interests are in the study of migration and community, and the ways that technology provides new problems or opportunities for the pursuit of that knowledge. I am currently working on a project that re-examines the way Black people appear in London's historical crime records, and works with community participants to re-tell their stories in more positive ways that focus on their life experiences rather than their institutional status.

My book, 'Technology and the Historian' (Illinois, 2021) considers the ways technology has changed the historical professions in the past several decades. I am also a proponent of Global Digital Humanities and working with communities around the world to identify and implement digital humanities solutions that are appropriate for their own local contexts, as well as to empower communities to take control of their own histories through technology. I have been working for more than ten years on the Programming Historian suite of journals, which publishes digital methods papers in English, Spanish, and French. I particularly welcome hearing from students and colleagues interested in working on digital humanities in Latin America or Africa who would like to collaborate to develop and implement appropriate local strategies for digital humanities.


Current PhD Students:

  • Bingjun Liu, 'User Engagement with Museum Digital Information Services'.
  • Nenna Orie Chuku, 'Sa Lone Movers: Scoping information in Circular Sierra Leonean Mobilities'.

Office hours:

  • virtually by appointment


Email: a.crymble@ucl.ac.uk

ORCID: 0000-0003-4343-0265

Correspondence address:
Adam Crymble
Department of Information Studies
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