Abraham, David

Fibroblast Biology & Scarring

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David Abraham is a Professor of cell and molecular biology, head of the research department of Inflammation, and Director of the Centre for Rheumatology and Connective Tissue Diseases, where he is also responsible for defining fibrosis strategy. His major research interests include the molecular and cell biology of connective tissue diseases, tissue repair processes, the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying tissue scarring and fibrosis, and the development and use of in vivo systems of human disease (transgenic and genetically modified conventional and conditional knock-outs) as pre-clinical models to study the pathogenesis and treatment of connective tissue diseases. He has managed collaborations and interactions with industrial partners, leading to the successful licensing and translation of several targets from validation into clinical trials (Endothelin, PDGF, TGFb and IL-6).

After gaining a PhD, he held a research fellowship at the Kennedy Institute for Rheumatology in London, before becoming a Medical Research Council Travelling Fellow at Berkeley and the Jackson Laboratory in the USA. He worked as a senior scientist in genetics and mammalian development at the Medical Research Council's National Institute for Medical Research and then moved to UCL in 1997 to lead the Rheumatology research at the Royal Free campus. 

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Email address: david.abraham@ucl.ac.uk

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