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The Postgrad Club of the Division of Infection & Immunity is open to all science graduate students in the School of Life & Medical Sciences (SLMS).  

The aim of the club, by student request, is to provide post graduate students with insights into the wider aspects of science, beyond purely lab-based research. This Term As you see below this term’s speakers provide a great range of perspectives: for considering future careers, both in and outside the traditional science careers trajectory, a historical perspective of scientific discovery focusing on tuberculosis treatments of yesteryear, and then two speakers tackling issues surrounding the sociology of science, motivations for success versus truth and discussions of when being wrong becomes fraud and what the difference is. 

Our speakers have included company executives, career development & funding advisers, politicians, medical/science writers & journalists, and lawyers.  Ideas for speakers from postgrad students are very welcome! 

Why come along? The club is intended to provide students a great opportunity to come and meet their peers from across the School in a relaxed atmosphere for a glass of wine & nibbles, and to hear some great talks relevant to their research and career development.

For further information contact: Karen Rumsey (send email

Future Dates


Thursday 13th February, 5pm for 5.30pm, 339 Rockefeller Building.

Science research and a career in industry.

Dr Mike Westby, VP Therapeutics, Loxbridge Research, The Royal Institution of Great Britain

Student Hosts: Alice Piapi, David Stirling, Christopher Tie

Mike is Vice President of Therapeutics at Loxbridge Research LLP, a privately owned office that funds innovative Healthcare R&D in therapeutics, diagnostics and devices. Mike is leading two therapeutics businesses: Agalimmune has a compound in Phase 1 clinical trials for Oncology; Altermune is a Discovery project seeking to develop immune-diverting aptamers for infectious diseases. 

Prior to his current role, Mike worked for 15 years in the Pharma industry, where he led a number of different research programs. He played a major role in the Pfizer team that developed maraviroc, a novel HIV drug that targets viruses that use CCR5 as their entry coreceptor. 

Mike is co-author on >50 peer reviewed manuscripts. He obtained his degree in Molecular Biology from Durham and his PhD from the University of Warwick.

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Thursday 13 March, 5pm for 5.30pm, Wilkins Haldane Room

Fool me once, twice, forever: why we fall for cons, scams and frauds – and how we sometimes inflict them on ourselves.

Jeremy Scott-Joynt, Head of Compliance Investigations, Europe at Standard Chartered Bank

Student Hosts: Mattia Cinelli, Marta Ferraresso, Vitaly Ovcinnikovs

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Thursday 10 April, 5pm for Student-Staff Consultative Committee meeting;

5.30pm, Dr Carole Reeves, Wilkins Haldane Room.

Tuberculomucin: a forgotten treatment for tuberculosis:

‘Tuberculomucin – a forgotten treatment – may give us a powerful new method of combatting this ancient but continually burdensome disease which has always claimed more lives amongst the young and economically active than any other age group’

Dr Carole Reeves, Outreach Historian, UCL Centre for the History of Medicine

Web: New project funding;http://www.ucl.ac.uk/histmed/people/outreach;

Student Hosts: Alice Piapi, David Stirling, Christopher Tie

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Thursday 8 May, 5pm for 5.30pm, Wilkins Haldane Room

Scientific fraud: protection, detection and the need for disinfection.

Dr Geoff Webb, Nutrition writer and consultant, School Of Health, Sport and Bioscience, University of East London

Blog: http://drgeoffnutrition.wordpress.com/

Student Hosts: Mattia Cinelli, Marta Ferraresso, Vitaly Ovcinnikiovs

Directions to the Wilkins Haldane Room

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