Upcoming events

Virtual Virology

THURSDAY 28 May at 4pm, Anatomy Gavin de Beer LT, Anatomy Building, Gower Street
Hosted by Professor Paul Lehner, University of Cambridge

Nick Matheson “Mapping the plasma membrane proteome in HIV infection”
Dick van den Boomen “CMV encoded US2 and US11 as viral degradation hubs for immunoreceptors”
Iva Tchasovnikarova “Genetic screens identify a novel epigenetic repressor complex”

Special Events

MONDAY 1st June, 9:15am onwards, Anatomy Gavin de Beer LT
Division of Infection and Immunity, IBSc/BSc Symposium

TUESDAY 2 June, IIT Immunology Symposium with Pears Lecture at Royal Free Hospital
For more information and to register to attend, please click on the following link:

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