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The Bioresource for Adult Infectious Diseases (BioAID) is a collaborative project between multiple NHS Hospitals in partnership with closely affiliated UK Universities. BioAID aims to collect bioological samples and clinical information from 10,000 episodes in which patients present to hospital with a suspected infectious disease. PArticipants will be asked to give consent to have their samples and clinical information collected within BioAID. The samples will be used to obtain RNA and serum from blood samples at various time points during the illness. In addition, the samples will be used to obtain the participants' genetic code and the microbial organism responsible for the illness where possible. The samples and clinical information collected within BioAID will be held within participating sites. Access to these collections will be provided to research investigators under the terms of material and data sharing agreements. Identifiable patient information will not be disclosed.

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24 March 2019

Total recruitment to date - 4120


University College London & University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

Professor Mahdad Noursadeghi (Chief Investigator)
Dr Laura Shallcross

Imperial College & Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Professor Shiranee Sriskandan
Professor Graham Cooke

University of Oxford & Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Alex Mentzer

Queen Elizabeth H Hospital Birmingham

Dr Martin Gill


Shallcross LJ, Mentzer A, Rahman S, Cooke GS, Sriskandan S, Noursadeghi M. Cohort study protocol: Bioresource in Adult Infectious Diseases (BioAID). Wellcome Open Res. 2018; 3:97. doi:10.12688/wellcomeopenres.14690.1


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IRAS reference: 259776
UK CRN reference: 36653
CAG reference: 9-08(d)/2014