Division of Infection and Immunity


Professor Paul Griffiths

Professor of Virology


Research in the Griffiths lab focuses on herpesviruses, vaccination, and virus infection of the immunocompromised host.

Research summary

My research concerns quantitative aspects of the natural history and pathogenesis of herpesvirus infections, especially cytomegalovirus in immunocompromised renal, or liver transplant patients, in addition to the potential interactions between herpesviruses and HIV.

My interests are in the design of, and results from controlled clinical trials of compounds or vaccines active against herpesviruses, which when used as probes of pathogenesis may reveal the full spectrum of diseases caused or triggered by these common infectious agents.

My group completed a Phase II trial into a novel vaccine for cytomegalovirus with positive results and our current research aims to identify immune correlates of protection. I am now in the process of advising on the design of alternate vaccine trials for cytomegalovirus.

Selected publications