Division of Infection and Immunity


Dr Gabriele Pollara

Associate Professor (UCL) and Honorary Consultant (UCLH) in Infection


Dr Pollara is a clinical academic whose research group focuses on defining the immunobiology of infectious diseases to inform the design of novel host-directed therapies.

Research summary

Dr Pollara’s group undertakes a range of immunological investigations to gain insights into infectious disease pathogenesis. The overarching aim is to identify drivers of tissue pathology that are amenable to therapeutic host-directed interventions, and to test their translational potential in human experimental medicine studies.

Work to date has focused predominantly on tuberculosis, the leading infectious cause of death worldwide, making use of patient samples from both human challenge models and sites of disease. Experimental approaches include the analysis of tissue transcriptional responses by RNA-seq coupled with bioinformatic deconvolution to derive functional changes in cellular and cytokine immune responses.

This work is now being extended to making assessments at the single cell level by scRNA-seq and targeted spatial quantification of in situ transcript expression using RNA-FISH.


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