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New computing interdisciplinary degree for doctors

9 February 2017

UCL recently announced a new BSc in Mathematics, Computers and Medicine, launching in 2018/19.

Computer chips

Led by Professor Benny Chain the new BSc will capitalise on UCL's interdisciplinary research to offer cutting-edge student research projects. The one year degree will be offered to third year medical students.

Tying in with the UCL Connected Curriculum the programme aims to ensure UCL students learn through participating in research and enquiry at all levels of their study. The interdisciplinary course will be jointly run by the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering. It will provide teaching in advanced mathematics, computer programming, mathematical modelling and analysis of big data.

Speaking to UCL news, Professor Benny Chain said:

"Generating, storing and classifying data are not enough. The real benefits can only arise from the ability to extract the underlying biology and pathology which are embedded in this data. This ability, in turn, requires mathematical modelling: the ability to recognise and formulate the rules and relationships which allow the data to make sense, which enable us to predict the future based on the past, and which ultimately will guide and inform the clinician and establish best medical practice."