Student Placements

By providing valuable hands-on experience in our labs, combined with insights from our research teams and clinicians, the Centre can inspire secondary and gap year students to make informed career path choices

Lakwinder Kaur and Saima Malik, prospective BSc students

July 2012


The Centre was pleased to host these two students from Clapton Girls Academy for 1 week, on rotation in several research labs.  The girls impressed staff with their enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge, while the students in turn appreciated the experience.  Only half way into their placement, Allana Gay (Head of Science, Clapton Girls Academy) wrote "Saima and Lakhwinder are already texting to their friends and the school about how much they are enjoying and learning from the placement. Thanks for organizing such a great opportunity for the students."


Saima says of her experience "it has been extremely useful in terms of allowing me become more self aware and finding out what the real world of work in biological sciences is about.  The practical experiments and watching theory being proven was quite amazing!  It has shown me that in the future I would be happy doing research or lab based work".


Lakhwinder echoes these sentiments, adding "I feel that I have learnt much more about scientific practicals. Also, I have been able to learn good practical skills and
analytical techniques.  I enjoyed everything, but in particular enjoyed the Gel Electrophoresis and ELISA practicals.  Before coming to UCL, I originally wanted to go into Pharmacy. However, having experienced work in the biomedical labs I am interested in studying Biomedical science now".

Jananni Vigneswaran, prospective medicine student

August 2011

"I have had the chance to work with some brilliant people and have learnt so much; I loved working at Great Ormond Street Hospital, the environment was great. Helping with the research study has helped me further my knowledge; the experience has helped me appreciate the importance of research and scientific knowledge in Medicine.  My work experience has definitely been beneficial, it has confirmed my decision to study Medicine."

Kieran O'Mahony, prospective BSc student

May 2011

"My work experience has been beneficial as I have found out how research is done on cells and how a lab works, and have enjoyed doing experiments.  My time here has helped me get a good idea of the science field and what a job would be like."

Esther Moore, prospective BSc student

October 2010

"I would like to say thank you again for a lovely week working and learning at your department.  Please send my thanks on [to Dan Depledge] for their time and all they taught me.  The week gave me an insight into this kind of biological front line research and most of all confirmed my wish to go into research science after university...thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring week."

Robert Moynihan, prospective medicine student

September 2010

"I was able to learn about applying for and studying medicine through lots of conversations with friendly members of staff.  I also learned about the contribution that each of the departments I visited make to the (UCLH) hospital.  I enjoyed having the chance to quiz consultants and registrars about their job and watching them at work.  I learnt the importance of multi-disciplinary teams in the health system, an insight into the training of junior doctors 'on-the-job' by their supervisors, and a number of useful tips for my application to medical school.  The experience has added to my enthusiasm to pursue a career as a doctor."

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