Research that the MRC Centre supports falls into three main programmes

Programme 1: Host Immune Responses and Immunity

The Centre supports a central UCL immune monitoring laboratory that will allow us to compare immune response profiles with other research and clinical data sets, and select specific patients for in depth studies in research projects

Programme 2: Viral genome associations with disease

The wealth of clinically and biologically phenotyped samples available within UCL Biobanks, coupled with our next-generation sequencing facility, will allow us to identify genetic determinants of disease outcome, transmission and drug resistance

Programme 3: Cellular molecules critical for viral replication

This programme brings together the virology, cell biology and genomics expertise at UCL and harnesses cutting-edge massively parallel sequencing technology and RNAi and small molecule screening to reveal the essential interactions that take place between virus and host.

MRC Annual Research Day

To showcase the research currently undertaken by member groups, the Centre held its annual Research Day on 11 November 2011.  The day included talks from Centre primary investigators and their teams, a lunchtime poster session, and concluded with a drinks reception.

List of Lectures:

Click on the links to see films of selected talks, taken form the Research Day Programme:

Lentiviral vectors as vaccines - Prof Mary Collins, Division of Infection & Immunity

The evolving story of varicella zoster virus vaccine - Prof Judy Breuer, Research Department of Infection

Defining DC-dependent presentation of lentiviral vector antigens - Dr Clare Bennett, Cancer Institute, Department of Haematology

Migration via random walks - Prof Benny Chain, Research Department of Immunology

Progress towards a full dynamic model for cytomegalovirus replication in vivo - Prof Vince Emery, Research Department of Infection

Interactions between viral transcriptional regulators and the host genome - Dr Richard Jenner, Research Department of Immunology

Virus and host genetics of severe pandemic influenza infection - Prof Paul Kellam, Research Department of Infection

HIV and endocytosis - Prof Mark Marsh, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

Identifying cellular factors required for cell-cell spread of HIV - Dr Elisabetta Groppelli, Division of Infection & Immunity

Susceptibility of T cells to death ligand-mediated deletion in the liver of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus infected patients - Dr Dimitra Peppa, Research Department of Immunology

Enhancing the efficiacy of TCR gene therapy by co-transfer of class I restricted TCR and CD3 molecules into CD4+ T cells - Dr Emma Nicholson, Research Department of Immunology

HIV and TB co-infection in macrophages - Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi, Research Department of Immunology

Heterosexual Transmission of HIV-1 Subtype B in the UK - Dr Stephane Hue, Research Department of Infection

Microbial safety in xenotransplantation - Dr Yasu Takeuchi, Research Department of Infection

TCR gene therapy of viral infection and virus associated cancer - Prof Hans Stauss, Research Department of Immunology

Direct neutralization screening for anti-HIV llama antibodies - Dr Laura McCoy, Research Department of Infection

Investigating HIV and host interactions using chemical genetics - Dr Ian Anderson, Div of Infection & Immunity

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