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These events provide the ideal platform to understand more about what we do, and how research is important for everyone.

IIT and the future of Diabetes

Tom Foot's article in the Camden New Journal (on 25 April) reported the ambitious research plans for the new Institute of Immunity and Transplantation and, in particular, featured Professor Hans Stauss' comments on the progress of the Institute's work in diabetes:

“In the long-term the treatment will become a one-off treatment for diabetes patients that will have a lasting effect.”   The article also included illustrations of the plans for the new building. (Link to CNJ article).

Epidemic Control: Debating Mandatory Vaccination in the UK
BBC Newsnight, 9 April 2013

As a measles epidemic in south Wales continues to spread at an "alarming rate" US-based measles expert Dr Paul Offit has said mandatory vaccinations should be considered.  Centre member Prof Judy Breuer contributed her MMR vaccination observations to this programme.

From Pathogen to Ally: Engineering Viruses to Treat Disease
University College London, 1 December 2011

Recombinant DNA technology has been in widespread use since the 1980s. It has allowed the engineering of viral genomes to produce a number of safe and useful medicines. To mark World AIDS Day, this lecture by Prof Mary Collins discusses the development of engineered viruses, such as HIV, to treat rare genetic disorders – “gene therapy”- and the use of these engineered viruses as vaccines.

A film of this lecture is available at

Conscience and Values in the Response to Infectious Diseases
Thomas More Institute, London, 12 October 2011

On October 12th Ari Fassati gave a lecture at the Thomas More Institute, London, entitled "Conscience and Values in the Response to Infectious Diseases" as part of the conference series "Ethics in Public life". Former speakers of this series include Prof. Neil Scolding (Neuroscience Bristol University); Lord Justice Maurice Kay; Baroness Scotland (Attorney General for England and Wales).

A full transcript of his lecture can be found here

The Current AIDS Epidemic
12a Barkston Gardens, SW5 0ER, 11 May 2011

Dr. Ariberto Fassati will present an overview of the current AIDS epidemic.  Learn about the origin of HIV, prevention of transmission, treatment of infection and the most recent developments in pursuit of an effective vaccine.  Tickets are £35 and all proceeds go directly to mothers2mothers.  See for further details.

Are Women Changing Science?
Institute of Contempory Arts, 9 March 2011

More women are likely to be found at the forefront of leading scientific research than ever before but the gap between men and women’s pay, research funding and published papers is still marked, with more than 6 times as many men than women in the fields of science and technology. Are women doing enough to encourage their female peers? Are the structures of research and academia still weighted towards men and does it matter? Do we need women at the top? How have women changed science?

To celebrate the achievements of women in science and to discuss their continuing under-representation we will be joined by some of Britain’s brightest thinkers: Professor Uta Frith (Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Development, UCL), Professor Carol V Robinson (Royal Society Professor, Department of Chemistry,University of Oxford), Professor Mary Collins (Dean of Life Sciences, UCL), Professor Dame Sally C Davies (Chief Scientific Officer, Department of Health) and Liliane Lijn (NASA artist in residence) and chairing the evening will be Vivienne Parry (science writer and BBC Radio 4 broadcaster).

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