Programme 1: Host Immune Responses and Immunity

Analysis of immune response profiles against viruses

Programme Co-ordinator: Prof Hans Stauss

hiv replication

Innate and adaptive immune responses play an important role in protection against viral infection. The Centre will focus on the analysis of immune response profiles against herpes viruses (CMV, EBV, VZV), hepatitis virus (HBV, HCV) and HIV. Most of these pathogens can establish chronic infection in healthy individuals and trigger viral disease in immune compromised individuals. We aim to increase our understanding of immune profiles associated with uncontrolled viral replication and develop immune interventions to enhance protective immunity.


The Centre works closely with a number of UCL departments & centres (Nephrology, Haemotology, Hepatology, Bioinformatics) and their associated facilites.  The Royal Free immune monitoring lab has several flowcytometers (Calibur, LSRII, Fortessa, Aria) for the analysis of cellular immune response profiles and for sorting defined cell populations. Flowcytometry, combined with cell sorting and functional assays are used to identify the phenotype and the biological function of innate and adaptive immune cells.


  • Investigation of T and B cell immune profiles in transplant patients vaccinated against CMV
  • Investigation of anti-CMV, EBV and VZV immune responses in immune suppressed transplant patients
  • Investigation of innate and adaptive immune responses in HBV and HCV infection
  • Development of adoptive therapy with gene-modified T cells specific for CMV and HBV


Breuer, Prof Judy

Griffiths, Prof Paul

Maini, Prof Mala

Morris, Dr Emma

Noursadeghi, Dr Mahdad

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