Grants & Awards

JUNE 2013

The UK Research Council EPSRC announced last week a major funding award for innovative technology being developed by a major new Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) led by UCL.   The award of £11 million is for the development of low-cost mobile phone based early-warning sensor systems that can test and track serious infectious diseases – such as major flu epidemics, MRSA and HIV – using mobile phones and the internet. The UCL team of engineers, scientists and clinicians are in the process of developing a smart-phone-connected prototype test for HIV with industry partners OJ-Bio. The project  leader is Dr Rachel McKendry, from the London Centre for Nanotechnology  and other UCL scientists involved are Professors Deenan Pillay, Ingemar Cox, Anne Johnson, Robin Weiss, Vince Emery (now Surrey), Andreas Demosthenous, and Quentin Pankhurst. (Link to UCL News.) (Link to EPSRC News.)


The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research fund renewed Professor Hans Stauss and Dr Emma Morris' 5-year programme grant for a further 5 years to 2018 (total: £1,975,883) to further study the "Editing specificity and function to enhance T cell therapy of haematological malignancies".

Professor Greg Towers The Wellcome Trust was awarded an enhancement award of £179,968 for his Trust Senior Fellowship.

Professor Arne Akbar was awarded £81,000 from the British Skin Foundation for the “The functional characterization of skin resident T cells in patients with melanoma”.

JULY 2012:

Professors Deenan Pillay, Vince Emery and Robin Weiss, along with co-investigators with Dr Rachel McKendry and colleagues in the London Centre for Nanotechnology and UCL's Division of Medicine have recevied a 2 year NIHR Invention for Innovation Award of £800,000.  The project will investigate and develop next generation mobile HIV diagnostics with wireless connectivity.

Earlier this year, the MRC offered £12 million of Centenary Early Career Awards to the very best of its early career researchers, giving an opportunity to accelerate their research and career development, building on the achievements these researchers have already made whilst being supported by MRC.  The Centre received £105,000 which in turn was awarded as travel grants to MB PhD student Lucy Bell (Noursadeghi group), early career post-doctoral researcher Dr Laura McCoy (Weiss group), and PhD student Dimitra Peppa (Maini group).

MAY 2012:

Congratulations to Dr Ari Fassati, who has recently been awarded an EU grant (HIVINNOV) for the amount of eur. 6,000,000 in partnership with the small-medium enterprise BIODIM (pharma company) to identify novel antiretroviral drug targets and develop lead compounds up to the proof of concept in phase IIa clinical trial

APRIL 2012:

Prof Arne Akbar has been awarded a Proof of Concept award for £25,000 from UCL Business to investigate ways of boosting immunity during ageing.

Dr Clare Jolly has been awarded a MRC Project grant for £391,194 for her 36 months' long project titled "Identifying regulators of HIV-1 cell-to-cell spread at virological synapses".

The Society of General Microbiology have awarded a Summer Scholarship of £1,880 to Benjamin Nilsson to join Prof Paul Kellam's team for the summer.

Dr Christoffer van Tulleken has been awarded a MRC-funded Pre-doctoral Clinical Research Training Fellowship worth £203,659 with Prof Greg Towers.  His three-year project will investigate the impact of  human polymorphisms on HIV/AIDS pathogenesis


EU Grant: PATHSEEK (Prof Judy Breuer)
PATHSEEK focuses on Automated Next Generation Sequencing for Diagnostic Microbiology.  This innovative project will push forward the boundaries of diagnostic microbiology/virology.  In the first instance, the project will run for three years with the EU support of 6 million euros.

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