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Omit at your peril

Building a site in Indigo?

  1. Set your User Settings when you first start editing.
  2. If you had set up Google Analytics on your Silva site, you need to copy and paste the GA tracker code from the Silva UCL Attributes and place it on the Properties page at the root of your new site.If you hadn't, follow these instructions on adding Google Analytics.
  3. Move any videos you have on the UCL Streaming Server to MediaCentral so the videos don't slow down your site and reach a larger audience!
  4. Use headings regularly. This is so that users can scan a page first. They won't read pages with too much text so don't waste your time...!
  5. Use keywords for links i.e. the kind of words people would use when searching for this information and not 'click here', 'read more' etc.
  6. Ensure you use PDFs and that you make the links properly.
  7. Use lowercase and hyphens for all IDs, that includes PDFs, images etc.
  8. Don't make links bold.
  9. Don't omit hyphens e.g. don't use alfrededwardhousman for the ID; instead use alfred-edward-housman or a-e-housman; for news articles, don't use dates / numbers for the ID; instead use keywords describing the article's content e.g. quantum-physics-conference
  10. For news and events, set up folders for each academic year and another one for images.
  11. Avoid using capitals, underline and italics.

We can NOT make sites live that haven't adhered to these basic principles.

Keep in mind all the time

  • Think about the users: what questions do they have when they visit the site and are the answers easy to find?
  • Every decision you make should be to make the user-experience better - NOT because you like it... .