Indigo Demo


Look and Feel

In Indigo, you can make changes to the look of the template by going to the Properties tab. In the how-to guide below you will find a list of the things you can change.

Examples of a few properties

Find out more about the typography i.e. what styles are available and why we recommend these.

There is information about the colour options you can choose from.

The layout in Indigo is a bit different from Silva. For example there is no index_left any longer and you can choose how many columns you'd like to use on a page.

You can choose the type of navigation you'd like: left or horizontal.

But beware that when choosing horizontal, users cannot access any underlying pages unless you link to them.

Also, there is the possibility of having a so-called 'sticky nav' which means that when users scroll down, they can still see the top-navigation.

There is now an extra footer with information about services at UCL and more.