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Banner Image - see above for an example...

A banner image's function is to be striking and relevant to the website's overall aims.

If you are looking at this page on a mobile device (phone, tablet etc.) you may not see the banner image as it gets removed for mobile devices so as not to take up too much space.

A banner image sits directly below the website's title and the UCL logo and replaces the coloured line that's part of your template.

You can remove the text for the banner image in Properties.

Extra Banner Info

Banner images are NOT supposed to use extra logos, such as Athena Swan or other. These should be placed elsewhere on the site.
If you are putting text in the banner, it should be using UCL font and the typesetting should be done properly.

However, we do NOT recommend any text in the banner image as this is not good for accessibility and adds to UCL not being given the AAA-accessibility rating.

If you are looking at this page on a desktop computer, above you can see an example of a banner image. You should use a relevant image with a pixel size of 1470x420.