Indigo Demo


Longform demo

If you have a page with a lot of text, interspersed with headings, sub-headings etc., when a user views it on a mobile, they will only see the shortened version of each section.

To get a longform accordion, you set up the accordion but tick the box - do not show on mobile.  

It will then work like an accordion i.e. they can choose which section to read by clicking on the section in question.

Try it out with this page on a mobile. It doesn't work on desktop!!!

Something fishy

Law prizes

How much is that fishy in the window?

The one with the waggley tail?

What, this one?

Green grow the rushes-oh!

Not sure why I thought of this old song.

Odd the way the brain works.


Of course, when I say "brain" I actually mean... Nothing at all probably.

And finally Cyril...

That was how Esther Rantzen (is that how you spell it) used to start the sign off on That's Life! Not sure how much of it I actually watched, but it stuck because he used to reply "And finally Esther..." and so we used to say that whenever our chemistry teacher started talking about esters. 15-year-olds are hilarious.

And in the end...

That was the Beatles, on Abbey Road, I think, signing off. Apart from the bonus track, Her Majesty, of course. Sign-offs come in all shapes and sizes.