Inclusive and Supportive Education Conference (ISEC) 2021




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Professor Lani Florian

Professor Lani Florian is The University of Edinburgh Bell Chair of Education and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS). She has published widely, and her work has been translated into several languages. She is editor of the Sage Handbook of Special Education, now in its second edition, and co-author of Achievement and Inclusion in Schools, also in its second edition. She is best known for her work on the concept of inclusive pedagogy as a way of working that can improve educational outcomes for everyone, and teacher education for inclusive education. Her research challenges the assumption that certain groups of children, in particular those who find learning difficult, have a detrimental effect on the achievement of other children and shows how high levels of inclusion can be entirely compatible with high levels of achievement. She argues that combining the two is not only possible but also essential if all children are to have the opportunity to participate fully in education. Her research has supported initiatives in many countries funded by international agencies including the British Council, Open Society Foundations, and the Council of Europe.

Keynote: New directions for inclusive and supportive education

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Dr. Lyman Dukes

Dr. Lyman Dukes III, is a Professor of Special Education in the College of Education at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, with more than 25 years of educational experience. He has served in higher education in a number of capacities both academically and administratively. He has co-edited two books, Preparing Students with Disabilities for College Success: A Practical Guide to Transition Planning (2010) and, most recently, Navigating the Transition from High School to College for Students with Disabilities (2018). He has published and presented extensively on topics related to secondary and postsecondary education for students with disabilities and been awarded millions of dollars in transition-relevant grant funding. His current research interests include transition from school to adult life, universal design in postsecondary education, guidelines for research on postsecondary education and disability, and trauma-informed education. Personally, he is father to one daughter and two step-sons, is an avid cyclist, and greatly appreciates clever humor. 

Keynote:  Trends in transition for students with disabilities: Where do we go from here?

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Dr. Barbara Hong

Dr. Hong is a Professor and Program Coordinator of Special Education at Brigham Young University-Hawaii.  She obtained her Ph.D. from Columbia University in Special Education in addition to three master’s degrees in Instructional Practices, Policy & Administration, and as a Learning Specialist. She was a three-time recipient of the prestigious Senior Fulbright Scholar, Senior Fulbright Specialist, and Fulbright Hays awards, and the First Honorable Visiting Scholar to Taiwan Municipal University of Education.  Her research examines the cognitive science of teaching and learning and the development of self-determination through the ethics of caring. Thus far, her research has been cited in the Handbook of Adult Learning, Wiley Library of Higher Education, Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Recommended Readings, British Library, and the Hong Kong Institute of Education Library.

Dr. Hong is the recipient of the Teacher of Honor award by the international education honor society and the University Exemplary Faculty Award at her current institution.

Keynote:  Don’t Leave the Parents Out: Understanding the Critical Power of Family Partnerships

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Dr. David Mitchell

David Mitchell is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has over 200 publications, mainly in the fields of special and inclusive education. He has presented lectures, workshops and consultancies in 60 countries. His most recent books are Contextualizing Inclusive Education (2005), What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education, Second edition (2014), Crises, Conflict and Disability: Ensuring Equality (2014), Diversities in Education: Effective Ways to Reach All Learners (2017) and The Ecology of Inclusive Education (2018), all published by Routledge.

Keynote: Can we trust the evidence? A cross-examination of research into educating children with additional learning needs

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Professor Sigamoney Naicker

Professor Sigamoney Naicker was appointed on the National Commission for Education Support Services by then President Nelson Mandela.  The task of the commission to establish a new dispensation for special needs education in South Africa.  He was the first national director of Inclusive Education in South Africa.  Sigamoney has worked in various areas of the education system in a senior management capacity which includes curriculum, assessment, early childhood education, adult education and human capital development. Prior to joining government Sigamoney was a lecturer at the University of Western Cape.  He was recently awarded an extra-ordinary Professorship in Education.  His first book on inclusive education was titled, Curriculum 2005, An Introduction to Inclusive Education: A Space for all.   He has written and co-edited some of the first publications on inclusive education in South Africa.  Sigamoney’s area of specialisation includes social justice and education as well as the relevance of the discourse of inclusive education in addressing the challenges in developing contexts.  His latest publication is titled Inclusive Education in South Africa and the Developing World:  The Search for an Inclusive Pedagogy.  Sigamoney has also run the New York, London, Oslo and Cape Town marathons.  

Keynote: Social Justice in the Developing World: Towards an Inclusive Pedagogy