Institute of Immunity and Transplantation


Funding & partnerships


Our research groups are generously supported by the following funding bodies:


The Institute has formed partnerships with the following organisations: 

  • The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
    Development of the Institute is a key component of the Trust's 5-year plan
  • UCL Partners
    The IIT is an integral part of the UCLP Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) strategy to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into therapies for patients. Infection, Immunity and Inflammation is one of six programmes of the UCLP-AHSC
  • UCL Personalised Medicine Domain
    At the IIT we will combine genetic data with phenotypic and functional data to inform the design and implementation of personalised treatment for individual patients.
  • UCL Institute of Hepatology and Digestive Health
    Professor Massimo Pinzani is Chair in Hepatology. Joint appointments have been created through his interest in the immune mechanisms leading to bowel and liver inflammation.
  • UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
    Research and clinical services at the Royal Free Campus are closely linked with Great Ormond Street, particularly through the development of gene theapy programmes, and the sharing of expertise and production facilities.
  • UCL Cancer Institute
    Cancer immunotherapy research is a key focus of the Institute. UCL has the opportunity to lead immune-based therapy approaches for cancer, a rapidly expanding area of translational research which is likely to have major clinical impact  in the next 5 to 10 years.
  • Crick Institute
    Serving as translational outlet for the Crick, we aim to develop joint research, training and exchange programmes. We have set up a 0.2FTE appointment for Dr Stockinger (NIMR/Crick), a world leader in T cell biology.
  • Yale
    The Institute is building up key interactions with Yale. A UCL Grand Challenge PhD student is now jointly supervised by Professors Shlomchik at Yale and Stauss, and Dr Pule.
  • Catapult
    This is a government initiative to accelerate industry-led implementation of cell and gene therapy as a generic treatment option. The Institute assists Catapult in developing production technologies required to implement cell and gene therapy as a commercial product. The estimated value of cell and gene therapy in 2014 is 3.1 billion worldwide.