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UCL-Lancet Commission on Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change


Dates: April 2008 - May 2009 

Principal Investigator: Prof Anthony Costello

Location: Global/regional

Funding: UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health

Contact: h.hopkins@ucl.ac.uk

Project Summary 

A major report on managing the health effects of climate change, launched jointly by The Lancet and UCL, says that climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.

The commission reviewed the likely health impacts of climate change on human societies – and documented ways to reverse those impacts. It concluded that there is a need for policymakers, practitioners and the public to act urgently on the human health effects of climate change.

Research Team

Anthony Costello, Mustafa Abbas, Adriana Allen, Sarah Ball, Sarah Bell, Richard Bellamy, Sharon Friel, Nora Groce, Anne Johnson, Maria Kett, Maria Lee, Caren Levy, Mark Maslin, David McCoy, Bill McGuire, Hugh Montgomery, David Napier, Christina Pagel, Jinesh Patel, Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliveira, Nanneke Redclift, Hannah Rees, Daniel Rogger, Joanne Scott, Judith Stephenson, John Twigg, Jonathan Wolff, Craig Patterson


Lancet: Managing the health effects of climate change


Report documents:

Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change (PDF)

Editorial (PDF)

Comment (PDF)

Key messages (PDF)
Selected quotes (PDF)
Audio discussion (MP3)


Sustainability & Climate Change


UCL short film on 'Managing the Health Effects of Climate'


Commonwealth Health Ministers briefings:


Film: Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change

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