Whitehall II 

(also known as the Stress and Health Study)

By combining over 30 years of data on social inequalities and chronic disease with new clinical measures of cognitive function, mental disorders and physical functioning, the Whitehall II study has become a world-class, interdisciplinary study of ageing.

The study has been funded by major grants from the 


Whitehall II News

The quality of support in close relationships might have been an overlooked risk factor for weight gain in middle-aged and older adults.

A study using the Whitehall II dataset showed that low levels of conflict and excessive demands in the relationship with the closest person and high levels of positive emotional support such as being able to confide and sharing hobbies and interests with the closest person may be protective against central and general adiposity increase over midlife and older age, particularly in men.

Published: Nov 26, 2018 5:00:06 PM