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Nora Groce

Prof. Nora Groce
Leonard Cheshire Chair and Centre Director

(t) +44 (0)203-108-3177
(e) nora.groce@ucl.ac.uk

Prof. Nora Groce is a medical anthropologist, working in the area of international development and global health with particular emphasis on applied research on vulnerable populations. Her research interests include issues of disability in international health and development, violence as a global public health problem and equity in access to development efforts in ethnic, minority and rural communities. Author of over 250 journal articles, books and reports, she is a regular advisor for UN agencies, national governments, non-governmental organizations and disabled peoples organisations (DPOs). She sits on a number of scientific advisory panels and review boards. Prior to coming to UCL, Professor Groce was a Research Scientist at Harvard University (1986-1990) and Associate Professor in Global Health at Yale University and Director of the Yale/World Health Organization Collaborating Centre (1991-2008).

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Maria Kett

Dr. Maria Kett
Head of Research
Honorary Reader in Disability and Development

(t) +44 (0)203 108 3174
(e) m.kett@ucl.ac.uk
Skype: lcd_maria.kett

Maria Kett  has extensive experience of applied anthropology in disability and international development, with a particular interest in health, education human rights, poverty alleviation, and the consequences of social exclusion. Maria has undertaken research in countries across Africa and Asia and is currently leading on a number of research programmes on disability and international development. Maria has consulted for numerous bilateral and multilateral donors, including the Department for International Development, the World Bank, Australian Aid, and the United Nations. She has a strong focus on research in conflict and disaster-affected countries, and has undertaken policy-focused work on inclusive humanitarian responses, culminating in her role as Global Focal Point for Disability in the last revision of the Sphere Handbook on Minimum Standards in Disaster Response. 

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Raymond Lang

Dr. Raymong Lang
Senior Research Fellow

(t) +44 (0)203 108 3175
(e) r.lang@ucl.ac.uk

Dr. Lang has been working in the disability and development sector for the past twenty years. His research interests include mainstreaming disability into broader development programmes, monitoring and evaluation of disability programmes, the practicalities of the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and policy in practice within the disability and development sector. Since joining the Centre, Dr Lang in collaboration with colleagues has been developing funding strategies and potential research projects. He has also been involved in international consultancies for UN agencies, bilateral and multi-lateral donors in a number of countries, including Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Uganda (DFID). He is also a member of a number of advisory boards and committees.

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Marcella Deluca

Marcella Deluca
Senior Research Fellow

(t) +44 (0)203 108 3178
(e) marcella.deluca@ucl.ac.uk

Marcella is the Centre's Inclusive Education specialist. Her role involves research and project management in the field of Equity and Access to education and training, as well as in the fields of disability, international development and poverty reduction. Marcella has worked extensively on evaluation of projects and programmes that provide services to persons with disabilities, particularly children. Emphasis of her work is on review and analysis of inclusive educational data through the OECD and related international organisations. Marcella has experience in evidence-based project design, management and implementation as well as in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research, in designing and conducting data collection.

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Dr. Mark Carew

Dr. Mark Carew
Junior Research Fellow
(t) 0203 108 3045
(e) m.carew@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Mark Carew is a social psychologist, and the Centre’s quantitative research expert. Mark has a background in disability research and his research interests encompass the numerous barriers that people with disabilities face around the world (e.g., social participation, access to healthcare, poverty), including in low and middle income countries. Mark has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research design, implementation and analysis.

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Seema Patel
Washington Group Project Coordinator / Administrator

(t)+44 (0)20 3108 3147
(e) seema.patel.13@ucl.ac.uk

Seema is the Centre's coordinator for the Washington Group on Disability Statistics grant. Her role involves project, financial and administrative coordination, as well as support to the multi-country DFAT-funded grant. She also undertakes administrative duties for the Centre. 

Seema holds a Masters of Science in Global Health and Development and has worked for a non-governmental organisation involved in promoting youth participation in social development and peace building activities in Cambodia. 

Honorary Fellows

Dr. Daniel Mont

PhD Students

  • Mitchel Chatukuta: Road Traffic Injuries and Disability: Namibia
  • Hridaya Devkota: Maternal Health Care Services Access to Dalit Women with Disability in Nepal
  • Lorraine Wapling: Quality of Education for Disabled Children
  • Steven Marcos: Special Education in Egypt