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EPH Green Impact Award Success

7 September 2017

The Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health celebrated success on Monday 5th September at the UCL Sustainability Awards.

EPH won the Bronze Award for Green Impact, an achievement which would not have been possible without everyone's effort to recycle and be more aware of sustainability. Green Champion Floriana Bortolotti has led by example, and collected the Award on behalf of the Department. 

EPH Green Impact Award

Made out of recycled teak panels from the Bloomsbury Theatre, the Award will be displayed on the 7th Floor pigeonholes in 1-19 Torrington Place.   

The Department has already begun working towards next year’s award - if you would like to be involved please contact Floriana.  

Some Top Tips for Green Champions: 

  • Take the stairs - if you are able to, try and walk to your floor once a day, or always walk down the stairs. You'll be getting fitter as well as using less energy (apart from your own!) 
  • Switch off office and kitchen lights, and your PC. This sounds so simple, but it's easy to forget. The Big Easter Switch Off saved 393, 000 KWH- equivalent to 10 million cups of tea - and if UCL switched off in the same way every weekend, over 700 tonnes of carbon would be saved each year.
  • Warpit if you're having an office sort-out. You'll be surprised what good use somebody else could make out of your old binder, pedestal or coat rack. 
  • Think before your print - can you take a laptop or tablet to the meeting instead? Do you have to print multiple copies? Do they have to be multi-coloured? 

All the above are common sense, but really do make a difference. Let us know more good practice @UCL_IEHC 

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