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Advancing Survival after Cancer Outcomes Trial (ASCOT)

There is a need to empirically test whether health behaviour change has an impact on cancer-related outcomes. ASCOT is a randomised-controlled trial (RCT) of a tailored theory-based intervention aimed at helping breast, prostate and colorectal cancer patients improve health behaviours that are relevant and important to them (for example, increasing physical activity levels, improving dietary patterns, stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption). In total, 1152 patients diagnosed with breast, prostate and colorectal cancer who have finished primary curative treatment have been enrolled.

Privacy Notice If you are a participant in this trial and would like to read more about how we process your personal data please see the Ascot Privacy Notice

Principal investigators: Dr Abi Fisher, Dr Rebecca Beeken

Collaborators: Kathy Pritchard Jones & Sharon Cavanagh (London Cancer), Allan Hackshaw (Cancer Research UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre), John Hines & Michael Machesney (Barts Health NHS Trust), Madhavan Krishnaswamy (Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust), Rebecca Roylance & Alison Hill (UCLH Foundation Trust)

Contact: Dr Abi Fisher (abigail.fisher@ucl.ac.uk), Dr Rebecca Beeken (r.beeken@ucl.ac.uk)