UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health



We have various labs and equipment available in the Department.

Interview lab

Our interview lab is equipped with Tanita scales (for measures of body fat), height measures, ordinary weighing scales, accelerometers (ActiGraphs), wrist and arm blood pressure monitors, actiheart devices, and portable blood pressure devices. 

Stress lab

We also have a testing laboratory with a finometer and phlebotomy equipment for stress protocols: public speaking, mirror tracing, mental arithmetic and colour-word interference tasks. 

Wet lab

In our wet lab, we can process blood samples using ELISA techniques and Luminex technology.  This lab also has a centrifuge and freezer for sample storage. We also use hair and saliva sampling (using Salivettes) for cortisol measurement. 

Other equipment

Leicester Height Measures, Peak Flow Meter, Broad Jump Mat (3m with increments), Hand dynamometer, Omron Blood Pressure Monitors