UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
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Energy Balance & Cancer


Our research aims to establish the roles of health behaviours (predominantly physical activity and diet) across the cancer continuum, from primary prevention of cancer to improving outcomes after a cancer diagnosis. The programme of research we conduct involves both large epidemiological surveys, randomised controlled trials and pilot/feasibility studies. 


This group is led by Dr Abi Fisher (abigail.fisher[at]ucl.ac.uk) and Dr Rebecca Beeken (r.beeken[at]ucl.ac.uk).

Group Members 

Research staff: Abi Fisher, Rebecca Beeken, Helen Croker, Phillippa Lally, Dimitrios Koutoukidis, Joanna Land, Victoria Ireland,  William Goodman, Yanaina Chavez-Ugalde, Moscho Michalopoulou, Sara Esser and Rana Conway

PhD students: Anna Roberts, Claire Stevens


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