The Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care (IEHC) is part of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences within the UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences.

The Institute comprises four Research Departments, as follows:

Department of Applied Health Research
Research Department of Behavioural Science Health
Research Department of Epidemiology & Public Health
Research Department of Primary Care & Population Health

The Institute has an internationally competitive research programme focused on:

  • Understanding the determinants of health and disease across the life-course in populations and in patients in clinical settings, including the investigation of genetic, biological, behavioural, psychosocial and cultural processes;
  • Evaluating strategies for the prevention and treatment of physical and mental ill-health;
  • Monitoring and surveillance of health and health care nationally and internationally;
  • Carrying out innovative work on behaviour change and on the practice of primary care;
  • Developing and implementing new technologies in teaching and research in population health;
  • Teaching and capacity building in population health research and practice.
  • Applied health and health policy research

The staff of the Institute is multidisciplinary, with expertise across clinical, public health, and primary care medicine, epidemiology, medical statistics, health psychology, sociology, health economics, public policy, information technology, genetics, physiology, and improvement science. As an Institute we have strong national and international interdisciplinary collaborations with a large portfolio of international research linked to the UCL Global Health Initiative.

The Institute offers world-class education and training through an extensive portfolio of undergraduate, post graduate taught and post graduate research programmes.

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