Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology


UCL Interventional Clinical Trials Portal

The ICTM and the Joint Research Office have developed a portal to allow all UCL researchers thinking of developing a clinical trial of an intervention, a systematic and transparent way of approaching the ICTM for collaboration.  This will allow the most appropriate CTU to be allocated where required. This may of course involve collaborative funding applications for the CTU as well.  The aim is that ultimately all interventional clinical trials sponsored by UCL will come under the auspices of the ICTM.

To initiate a potential collaboration with the ICTM, please complete the Entry Questionnaire (Word) and send to the ICTM Clinical Trials Portal.

Your study will be discussed by the ICTM Portal Review Group and an email response detailing the next steps will be sent back to you as soon as possible.

Should you have any general queries or questions regarding the ICTM Portal, please contact the ICTM Clinical Trials Portal.

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