Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology


An Introduction to Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Statistics for Non-Statisticians

Course Facilitator: Elizabeth George, MRC CTU at UCTL

This course will provide an introduction to the principles and application of statistics in the randomised controlled trial (RCT) environment. It will explain what's important and why, and enable understanding of statistical methods and analyses in RCTs.

Intended audience

Non-statisticians working in clinical trials who only have a basic level of statistical knowledge at present and wish to be more familiar with the meanings of common statistical terms used in clinical trials and the interpretation of results. Generally this course is aimed at people with less than 3 years' experience in a Clinical Trials setting, although all applicants are welcome.

Programme contents
  • Basic descriptive statistics (refresher)
  • Estimation and hypothesis testing
  • Outcomes measures used in clinical trials
  • Study design and randomisation
  • Sample size calculations
  • Survival analysis
How to apply

This course will take place on 18th-19th January 2018. To submit your application, please fill out this form.

This course is currently available only to ICTM staff. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Once all places a filled, a waiting list will be in operation. 

Attendance is free for staff from CTUs within ICTM (CRUK CTC, Comprehensive CTU, MRC CTU at UCL, and PRIMENT). A small number of places may be open for staff from elsewhere within UCL if there is availability. The cost of attendance in this case will be £150. 

If have any questions about the course, please email ICTM.cpd@ucl.ac.uk.