Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology


Patient and Public Involvement

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This course is a practical, interactive workshop for those working in clinical trials who already or wish to actively involve patients or the public in their trials. It offers participants the opportunity to:

  • build an understanding of PPI in health research and specifically in clinical trials;
  • begin involving patients and public in their research, and/or develop their involvement activities in a meaningful manner; and
  • learn from other participants about what works in specific contexts.

Learning objectives

  • To build participants’ understanding of patient & public involvement in health research in general and in clinical trials in particular
  • To enable participants to distinguish between participation, engagement and involvement
  • To identify some of the obstacles to effective PPI and to think about how to overcome these
  • To learn about what kind of PPI might work in specific contexts by looking at a range of case studies
  • To enable participants to begin to plan to actively involve patients in a trial, or to develop this involvement if it is already taking place
  • To address any specific questions or concerns that participants may have about PPI in clinical trials


Places on this course are limited, and priority will be given to applicants currently or soon to be actively involving patients and/or members of the public in a trial or related study. If demand exceeds the number of places, places will be awarded to those who the course presenters believe will benefit most from the course. 


This course is free for staff from Units within ICTM (CRUK & UCL CTC, CCTU, MRC CTU at UCL and PRIMENT). Attendees from outside of the ICTM will be required to pay an attendance fee. Fees are based on the attendee's organisation as follows:

  • £75 for attendees from other UCL departments;
  • £150 for attendees from other not-for-profit organisations; and
  • £250 for attendees from for-profit organisations.

The ICTM CPD Administrator will advise successful applicants of the fee payment process.

If you have any queries about this course, please contact the ICTM CPD Administrator at ictm.cpd@ucl.ac.uk.