iCST Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

iCST Training Carer package


The National Institute of Clinical Excellence is a health authority that recommends which treatments people should receive.

People with mild/moderate dementia of all types should be given the opportunity to participate in a structured group cognitive stimulation programme ... provided by workers with training and supervision ... irrespective of any anti-dementia drug received ...’

  • Group activity sessions for people with mild to moderate dementia
  • Activities designed to be mentally stimulating and fun.
  • A study found that attending CST groups was beneficial for cognitive skills such as communication. Group members also reported improvements in quality of life
  • Extended programme of CST developed – Maintenance CST
Household Treasure
  • Discussion of the day, date, weather, location (5 mins)
  • Discussion of events in the news or current issues (5 mins)
  • Main activity (20 mins)

iCST Manual

  • First point of call when preparing for a session
  • How-to guide to iCST
  • Outlines theme and structure for each session

iCST Activity Workbook

  • All paper based resources for activities suggested in the Manual
  • Page numbers for paper based resources can be found in the iCST Manual

Carer Diary

  • Use the diary to tell us how your sessions went
  • Page for each theme (2 sessions)
  • Rate session for person’s enjoyment, interest, communication and mood
  • Box to write any extra comments about the sessions
ICST Toolkits

  • Person centred approach
  • Offering choice
  • Focusing on opinions rather than facts
  • Using reminiscence
  • Always have a tangible focus – something to look at, touch, or feel
  • Maximising potential
  • Enjoyment and fun
  • Stimulating language
  • Strengthening the caregiving relationship

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