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Awareness group investigates how consciousness of the environment arises from sensory stimulation. The group is led by Prof Geraint Rees.

Geraint Rees

Group Leader



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Geraint Rees

Awareness Research

The simplicity with which we can open our eyes and experience the world around us belies the complexity of the underlying neural mechanisms, which remain incompletely understood. We seek to understand the basis of visual awareness in the brain, and how it breaks down in common neurological disorders such as stroke. In particular, we study how visual attention changes our perception of the world and affects visual awareness, using functional magnetic resonance imaging in combination with visual psychophysics and transcranial magnetic stimulation. 

Group Members

Javier Elkin

Javier Elkin

Javier is a PhD student funded by the EPSRC and the IBME working on translational cognitive neuroscience. His work focuses on finding practical applications for neuroscientific research that can benefit society. He strongly believes in the need for science-driven informed policy and legislation.

Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory