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Jenny Crinion

Prof Jenny Crinion

Neurotherapeutics Group Leader


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Jenny Crinion

Current Research and Interests

In 2015 I was awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Scientist Fellowship .This enabled me to establish  and expand a research group making contributions to our understanding of the neural basis of speech production  and executive control in brain damaged patients using brain stimulation techniques and functional neuroimaging. I am also a clinical speech and language therapist (SLT) at UCLH where I am responsible for the delivery and strategic development of a national specialist Aphasia Clinic. This facilitates recruitment of patients for my research and translating findings into clinical practice. Since 2014 I have been joint leader  ( with Dr Alex Leff) of the Neurotherapeutics Group at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, (ICN). I have been a Principal Investigator at the ICN since 2008 when I got my MRC Clinical Scientist award. 

Research Summary

Initially I worked towards understanding the function of the neural network for language functioning in healthy (including older) populations, along with the neuroanatomical markers for speaking, controlling and learning multiple languages. More recently I have focused on understanding the impact of damage to the language system in aphasic patient populations (stroke and dementia). Winning the MRC Fellow's Futurecasting (2011) and UCLB (2014) Digital-Therapeutics Competitions consolidated my interest in innovative therapeutic technologies and helped to secure funding for two computer-prototypes: iTALK and Arabic-Read-Right.