Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience


20 Year Anniversary

Welcome to the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience: “Past, Present & Future”-themed anniversary event!

As the ICN celebrates its 20th anniversary, it is an appropriate time to reflect on this pioneering research institute and celebrate its ongoing successes. It has been my pleasure and privilege to create this event with the invaluable help of a wide range of people, including some of our very own MSc students. I now invite you to discover the history of the ICN and view the highlights of the anniversary celebrations!

- Journey through the Past; read about how the ICN was created and hear from founding director Professor Tim Shallice.

- We held a free, one-day exhibition entitled "Brains & Beyond" to showcase our research with the help of interactive, engaging and hand-on demos. The exhibits allowed visitors from all ages and all walks of life to discover what makes cognitive neuroscience research interesting and valuable.

- With the help of a fantastic team of willing and enthusiastic MSc CogNeuro students, we organised the "Mind the Brain" conference, held at the UCL, IoE Jeffery Hall. The sold-out conference featured talks from researchers at the forefront of cognitive neuroscience, as well as plenty of entertainment and breakout sessions, and highlighted the public interest in anticipating where future research may take us and how it will impact our lives.

- Alongside these exciting events, we also interviewed a few of the outstanding veteran and longstanding members of the ICN and captured their historical perspective on life at the ICN as well as their thoughts on the present and the future of cognitive neuroscience research. And see here for some fun and interesting articles on the conference and exhibition

Do come and discover, explore, and learn more about the fascinating subject that is Cognitive Neuroscience!

Anouchka Sterling
Administrative Manager
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience