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Dr Anne McMunn

Dr Anne McMunn


1 - 19 Torrington Place


  • Reader in Quantitative Social Science and Population Health
    Epidemiology & Public Health
    Institute of Epidemiology & Health

Joined UCL


Dr Anne McMunn's research is concentrated on the social determinants of health within a life course epidemiological framework, increasingly with a focus on the biosocial interface. More specifically, she investigates the potential influence on health and wellbeing of aspects of work (defined broadly from a gender perspective), and social relationships (including within the family), how gender structures work and family relations, and the impact of social change in this area on children and families. Dr McMunn’s work mainly uses longitudinal quantitative techniques to analyse data from the British birth cohort studies, the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and the UK Household Longitudinal Study and most of her work has been funded by the ESRC or the European Research Council. She is currently Deputy Director of the ESRC International Centre for Lifecouse Studies in Society & Health, a collaborative research centre between UCL and the Universities of Manchester and Essex in the UK and Oreboro in Sweden. She also is currently leading the quantitative component of an ESRC-funded mixed-methods project on transitions to adulthood amongst the generation of women represented by the 1946 birth cohort, with Penny Tinkler at the University of Manchester.


Ageing|*|Cohort studies|*|Early determinants|*|Epidemiology research|*|Inequalities|*|Life Course|*|Longitudinal analysis|*|Medical sociology|*|Observational|*|Population|*|Psychosocial research|*|Quality of life|*|Survey methods|*|Well-being