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Inverted Leica SP2

A Leica SP2 inverted confocal microscope with a wide range of excitation lasers. The Leica SP2 uses variable spectral detection system instead of traditional emission filters.

The system has a limited number of laser lines for excitation and the dyes are limited by these. Any dye that is excited at one of these following wavelengths can be used: 405; 458; 476; 488; 514; 543; and 633 nm (check online or ask Bertrand if you are not sure which dye to use).

For multiphoton microscopy, a Femtosecond Spectra Physics Saphire/Tsunami pump laser is used.

Filter cubes for DAPI, FITC and TRITC are installed for standard fluorescence viewing prior to scanning. Transmitted light illumination is also available.

  • Leica HC PL APO 10x NA 0.4 Dry                                            
  • Leica N PLAN 20x NA 0.4 Corrected Dry                                                           
  • Leica HC PL APO 20x NA 0.7 Dry
  • Leica HCX APO L 40x NA 0.8 Water                       
  • Leica PL APO 63x NA 1.4 Oil
  • Leica HCX PL APO CS 100x NA 1.25 Oil           

Room 153
1st floor Philip Ullmann Wing
Ext : 2247

  • Z sectioning
  • Good for fixed samples
  • Live imaging (single XY position, gases and temperature controlled)
  • Spectral imaging available
  • FRET and FRAP
  • multiphoton imaging (deep tissue penetration)
  • One XY point experiment (no XY motorised stage)
  • User operation £20 per hour
  • User operation £10 per hour of overnight time-lapse
  • Staff operation £50 per hour
  • Training session £50 per hour

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