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Inverted Zeiss LSM 710 confocal


A Zeiss LSM 710 inverted confocal microscope with a wide range of excitation lasers.

The Zeiss 710 uses variable spectral detection system instead of traditional emission filters.

The system has 7 laser lines for excitation and any dye that is excited at one of these following wavelengths can be used: 405; 458; 488; 514; 561; 594 and 633 nm (check online or ask Dale if you are not sure which dye to use).

Zeiss filter cubes for DAPI, FITC and TRITC (49 DAPI, 43 Cy3, 38 Endow GFP) are installed for standard fluorescence viewing prior to scanning. Transmitted light illumination is available with DIC prisms on all objectives.

Objectives (DIC on all objectives):


Room 153
1st floor Philip Ullmann Wing
Ext : 42247


  • Z sectioning
  • Good for fixed samples
  • Continuous Spectral imaging (from 390 nm to 750 nm down to 3 nm)
  • Online spectral un-mixing
  • Transmitted light detector (DIC objectives)
  • FRET and FRAP
  • Live imaging (CO2, humidity and temperature controlled chamber)
  • Multi-point experiments  (XYZ positions, tiling)


  • User operation £26 per hour, reduced rate at weekends
  • User operation £10 per hour of overnight time-lapse
  • Staff operation £50 per hour
  • Training session £50 per hour


Please check the start-up/shut-down procedures and the ZEN 2009 quick start tutorial before starting or alternatively contact Dale.